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Paul Lilly

Following the disbanding of Rudi, along with Mo Bacon, played with the Riva Records signing 'Window' then John Otway.  In 1978 started Panther Sound Hire (PSH) and amongst others worked with U2, Elvis Costello, Squeeze, Chris Rea and Snowy White.  In tandem with running PSH joined the Squeeze management team with John Lay and Miles Copeland then later worked with Shep Gordon on the Difford and Tilbrook project.   In 1983 began touring with Chris Rea as FOH engineer and shortly after, along with Jim Beach, co-managed Rea.  After 13 successful years, in 1995  parted company with Rea and moved back to the sound side running own recording studio including the repair, restoration and transfer of the live Rudi recording.  Also owned the RL-2 label. 

RL-2 artists

Max Middleton


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Paul Lilly
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