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Band Members

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The original line up - circa 1972

 Terry Brown (guitar/vocals) -  Paul Lilly (bass/vocals) - Allan Easson (drums) - Joe Jacobs (keyboards/vocals)

Circa 1973

Mike Buliak replaces Terry Brown on guitar and vocals

Mike Norton replaces Mike Buliak on guitar

Richard Joseph joins as lead vocalist

Circa 1974/5

Mo Bacon replaces Allan Easson on drums

Bart St.George replaces Richard Joseph on lead vocals

Terry Cooke replaces Bart St.George on lead vocals

Road Crew over the years

The key backline crew member throughout the majority of the band's existence was
Pierre Langton

Martin Patterson - Sound/Backline & occasional vocalist

Ravi Sharman - House sound engineer

Andy Lawrence - House sound engineer

John Glynos - House sound engineer

John D'ath - Backline

  Ray Furze - House sound engineer - also responsible for live recordings.


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