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The Castle's Equivalent

I am the Evening Star,
and when I shine,
the live-long day is done.
I am the last desire,
and though I shine from far away,
I shine on.

Your shadow has no name;
your body is on fire;
don’t play the shadow game –
the opposite of death is desire.

Dare say I love you.
Didn’t I make two out of you?
Could it be I still desire you, living on that farm?
Little girl I want you.
Spared no effort to prepare you.
Now seems you’ll never stop me living on your farm.
Both of you took me.
That’s how I wanted it to be.
Now seems I’ll never end up living on your farm.

Don’t deny me;
don’t regret me, just forget me;
I will love you like no other,
End of Time, no more to suffer for . . . .

As I approached the Castle wall
I played the shadow game,
And though the gates were open all
The Shadow was to blame –
The castle was the same (as)
The Music with the name –
‘The Castle’s Equivalent’.

I am the Dawning Hour,
and though I come but once
I am the One.
I am the mountain flower,
to find me you must climb
up to the sun.

How long the daylight lasts,
no shadows will you cast;
the sun writes words of fire:
‘The opposite of Death is Desire’.

Copyright © 1974 Joe Jacobs

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